Ideal outdoor living

The StruXure was created to control the way sun and rain affect outdoor living. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in any weather condition. Louvers rotate 170⁰ to provide shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Sit in comfortable shade while air flows through the angled louvers. Best of all, it doesn’t block your view of the beautiful sky, giving you the connection to the outdoors.

Our system was designed to give you shelter from the rain. Originally developed for the hospitality industry, the roof has been engineered to close and channel rain water into an internal gutter system by way of a patented interlocking louver design. Our optional rain sensor will close the roof system when it detects the first drops of rain.

The StruXure that works for you

Each StruXure system can be customized to your exact size, color and accessories. Choose from 5 standard colors; white, bronze, tan, adobe or gray. Choose one color or mix the beam and louver colors for an interesting contrast. Custom colors are available for an additional charge.

There are optional accessories available to enhance your space. Based on your needs, you can choose from a variety of LED lighting options to provide needed light and ambiance. Corbel ends can provide a more traditional pergola look, as well as some new, unique decorative facades.

  • Motorized Screens
  • Custom Columns
  • Decorative Facades
  • Corbel Ends
  • Fan Beams
  • LED Lighting